Have you grown tired of trying to maintain a perfect, green lawn when there never seems to be enough water around? Are you looking for a landscaping solution that requires less money and maintenance for your Loveland yard? If so, then xeriscaping may be something you should consider. You may have heard the term before, or have maybe even recognized yards in your neighborhood as having been xeriscaped, but exactly what is it?

Xeriscaping is an approach to landscaping that aims to minimize the demands for additional water or irrigation on your property. Instead, plants that are drought-resistant and adapted for more arid climates are chosen. Ideally, only the local weather and precipitation is needed to supply water to the plants in a xeriscaped yard. There are many advantages, including less yard waste and reduced pollution due to the use of fertilizer. The big advantages, though, are time and money. Xeriscaped yards cost less money to maintain, and require less work as well.

If you’re committed to the idea of having a big, green lawn, we can help with that, but xeriscape is probably not for you. However, if you’re open to the idea of a non-traditional landscape adding some unique flavor to your home, then it would be worth considering. As Loveland’s Top Rated Local® landscaping service, Showcase can help you explore your options. We are familiar with the native plants of Northern Colorado, and can provide you with choices to help create the best look of your yard. Contact Showcase Landscape & Irrigation today, and let us show you how great your yard can look!