1. Northern Colorado Landscape Design – Highlighting Our Services

    It’s been a while since our last post, and seeing as how we’ve recently been blogging about essential fall yard tips, irrigation repair, and how to care for your lawn during the wintertime, we thought we might get back to highlighting our bread and butter services. While we certainly want to be a helpful resource for folks looking for landscaping and lawn-care tips, we want to make sure our re…Read More

  2. Essential Fall Yard Tips

    Summer is starting to wrap up, and soon it will be fall. Many people adore fall for its crisp air and vivid foliage. They especially like fall if they've been mowing their lawns all summer and are ready for a break. They'll probably be mowing for a little while longer, though, because Colorado autumns tend to be mild and heated in the middle by what we call "Indian Summer." However, that doesn't m…Read More

  3. Let Us Transform Your Landscaping This Spring!

    Spring is in the air! At Showcase Landscape & Irrigation, we love this season. Even though Colorado has been known to dump snow on us all the way into May, it cannot suppress the buds on the trees, the early spring flowers, and the lawns coming back to life. Spring is truly one of the most inspiring seasons there is and not just because everything is coming back to life; the opportunities for …Read More

  4. Winter and Your Lawn

    Winter continues in Colorado, and though spring is on its way, it is going to be a while until it shows up. At Showcase Landscape and Irrigation, we know that this season is your grass's resting time. It needs the winter to rest up for the spring and summer, which can be very tiring for it. However, even while dormant, it isn't dead. It can still be affected by the weather, and winter can be prett…Read More

  5. Help Your Landscaping Through a Dry Winter

    We've had a pretty warm, dry fall so far, and as we hit December, we're all wondering: where is the snow? In Colorado, we depend on cold season snow to water our trees, shrubs, and lawns. However, we don't really get a consistent, even amount. Winter can be particularly hard on plants here because of our dry air, low soil moisture, low precipitation, and temperatures that fluctuate all over the pl…Read More

  6. Essential Autumn Yard Care

    Fall is a time when people tend to stop caring for their lawns. School has started, the days are getting shorter, and many Coloradoans have their eyes on ski season instead of caring for their slower-growing lawns. However, dismissing your lawn in the fall is a mistake. This is a key season for its health, and neglecting it now can put it at risk for the coming winter and spring. So just what happ…Read More

  7. Landscaping with Colorado Native Plants

    Northern Colorado has a stunning variety of native trees, shrubs and flowering plants that create stunning results when they are used in any kind of landscaping project. There are more than 500 Fort Collins natives, and most are readily available for landscaping projects. Benefits of Native Plants It’s the way to go if you are concerned about water use, providing a habitat for local wildlife, av…Read More

  8. Bring Birds and Butterflies to Your Garden

    Do you want to sit in your garden and watch the birds and butterflies come and go all season? Do you love the idea of providing a haven for your feathered friends, and inviting butterflies to do their pollinating in your yard? Then, let’s build you the best garden possible for attracting them to your yard. If you are in, or near Loveland or Fort Collins, give us a call and we’ll help you desig…Read More

  9. What is Xeriscaping?

    Have you grown tired of trying to maintain a perfect, green lawn when there never seems to be enough water around? Are you looking for a landscaping solution that requires less money and maintenance for your Loveland yard? If so, then xeriscaping may be something you should consider. You may have heard the term before, or have maybe even recognized yards in your neighborhood as having been xerisca…Read More

  10. What Is A Drip Edge?

    A drip edge is a layer of stone or concrete that extends from the base of your home about one foot. This stone layer serves multiple purposes, most of which revolve around protecting the foundation of your home, and thus your entire home. Excess water, plants, and dirt against your home's foundation spells trouble by rotting wood or causing cracks around your home. So what does a drip edge do? We …Read More