1. Let Us Transform Your Landscaping This Spring!

    Spring is in the air! At Showcase Landscape & Irrigation, we love this season. Even though Colorado has been known to dump snow on us all the way into May, it cannot suppress the buds on the trees, the early spring flowers, and the lawns coming back to life. Spring is truly one of the most inspiring seasons there is and not just because everything is coming back to life; the opportunities for …Read More

  2. Landscaping with Colorado Native Plants

    Northern Colorado has a stunning variety of native trees, shrubs and flowering plants that create stunning results when they are used in any kind of landscaping project. There are more than 500 Fort Collins natives, and most are readily available for landscaping projects. Benefits of Native Plants It’s the way to go if you are concerned about water use, providing a habitat for local wildlife, av…Read More

  3. Bring Birds and Butterflies to Your Garden

    Do you want to sit in your garden and watch the birds and butterflies come and go all season? Do you love the idea of providing a haven for your feathered friends, and inviting butterflies to do their pollinating in your yard? Then, let’s build you the best garden possible for attracting them to your yard. If you are in, or near Loveland or Fort Collins, give us a call and we’ll help you desig…Read More

  4. Why Is Aeration Used In Lawn Care?

    Many people are familiar with the practice of lawn aeration - we’ve all seen lawns poked full of holes, cylindrical clumps of dirt scattered throughout. But while you may be able to recognize that aeration has taken place, you may not know the reasons behind this important aspect of lawn care. As the name implies, aeration allows for air to reach the roots of your grass. Water and nutrients are …Read More

  5. 3 Reasons To Add A Raised Garden Bed To Your Landscape Design

    If you are thinking of adding more plants, especially edible ones, to your landscaping you may want to consider using a raised garden bed rather than planting in the ground. If you have never considered a raised garden bed or are on the fence about the idea, below are our 3 favorite reasons to add a raised garden bed to your garden landscape design. Reduced Body Strain By bringing the dirt up in a…Read More