4 Reasons To Add A Tree To Your Landscaping

Adding trees to your landscaping can be a great way to really benefit from your landscaping efforts, while some tree features take a long time to come to fruition, other aspects are immediately recognized. Trees are wonderful options for improving your property, neighborhood, and planet. Learn why you should add new trees to your landscaping efforts.

Avoid Heat Islands -

Because trees create shade and cooler temperatures through the water vapor stored in their leaves, you are able to avoid the dreaded heat island created by large amounts of stone, concrete, and dark roofs common in many cities and suburbs.

Fresh Air -

Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air and convert it to our much needed oxygen. But, beyond creating the air that we breathe, trees also absorb odors for a better smelling environment. The tree actually removes many pollutants, taking them from the air and absorbing them into its leaves and bark.

Prevent Erosion -

The tree roots hold soil in place and slow runoff. Runoff from our land can be damaging, as it carries pesticides and fertilizers into our local water supply.

Prosperity -

Well maintained landscaping, including those with trees, increase property values. It is also said that tree lined streets slow down drivers, making a safer environment for kids, and ideal for businesses.

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