Essential Autumn Yard Care

Fall is a time when people tend to stop caring for their lawns. School has started, the days are getting shorter, and many Coloradoans have their eyes on ski season instead of caring for their slower-growing lawns. However, dismissing your lawn in the fall is a mistake. This is a key season for its health, and neglecting it now can put it at risk for the coming winter and spring.

So just what happens in your lawn during the fall?

A View into Your Lawn in Autumn

Even though your lawn doesn't lose moisture in the fall as quickly as it does in the summer, it still needs some water, especially in Colorado. Our falls tend to be on the dry side, and your lawn needs about half an inch of water per week during both September and October.

Though your turf isn't gaining height as quickly, it's actually still doing a lot of growing. Fall is its time to recover from a stressful summer before winter hits. The growth is happening in the roots, increasing the density and storing energy. Consistent watering and nitrogen applications are absolutely key. In fact, fall fertilizer applications are considered the most important of the year. You can apply weed control as well.

The bright orange berries of American Bittersweet (Celastrus scandens) are just about irresistible to more than a dozen species of birds. It is a large bush that provides really good shelter as well. Be sure to make sure you’ve got male and female plants or you won’t get any berries!

How to Keep Grass Healthy in the Fall

These are services we can easily provide to give your lawn what it needs to survive the winter and come back stronger in the winter.

  • Mow correctly.
    • You never want to remove more than a third of the grass blades in order to avoid putting too much strain on the lawn. Overall, your lawn should be about two and a half to three inches. We can ensure your lawn is being mowed correctly.
  • Water long enough.
    • As we said, you need to water your lawn into October to ensure it has a chance to recover from summer and resist winter mites.
  • Aerate your lawn.
    • This is especially important if your lawn experienced high traffic over the summer. Traffic compacts the soil, blocking out nutrients and water and stifling root systems. Let us ensure your own will recover properly.
  • Combat weeds.
    • Fall is the key time to free your lawn of weeds. Even weeds that have gotten tough during the summer open up during fall and are easier to eliminate. It's also easier to eliminate the weeds down to the roots, reducing the number that will return in spring.
  • Fertilize your lawn.
    • Giving your lawn a boost when it's trying to recover is a great way to ensure it will look great the next season. If you have applied a slow-release fertilizer, you can skip this step. Otherwise, get your lawn the help it needs!

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