Let Us Transform Your Landscaping This Spring!

Spring is in the air! At Showcase Landscape & Irrigation, we love this season. Even though Colorado has been known to dump snow on us all the way into May, it cannot suppress the buds on the trees, the early spring flowers, and the lawns coming back to life. Spring is truly one of the most inspiring seasons there is and not just because everything is coming back to life; the opportunities for new landscaping features are endless. Understanding just what will work for your property and budget is very important, and our expert team can help.

Let Us Transform Your Landscaping This Spring!

There's actually quite a lot that can be done in the yard when spring arrives. Getting the help of a professional team like ours can make the process effortless for you, an especially great benefit if you don't really like working in the yard. We not only specialize in landscape design and installation, we are also irrigation experts and ensure that your new landscaping will get the water it needs all growing season-long. Here are some things you can consider when it comes to transforming your landscaping for summer!

Consider curved borders.

  • If your landscaping is basically made of big boxes, you have a massive opportunity in front of you! Redoing your landscape's layout to include curving lines will add a pleasant, professional look to your property. We can help you figure out where curved lines can be installed, including flower gardens, sidewalks, and more. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you'll get fantastic advice and workmanship that aligns with your budget and vision.

Consider adding a walkway.

  • Walkways not only draw people further into your landscape, they make it easy to get around. Wondering where to put them? Look for trampled grass! People will generally take the shortest path to any destination, and dead grass paths can be a real eyesore. The team at Showcase Landscape & Irrigation can provide you with world-class walkways that will tie into your home or business's exterior. We will sit down with you to figure out which material will work the best for you, whether it's crushed stone, concrete stepstones, decorative brick, or natural flagstone. We want you to come away with the results you love.
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Think about going waterless.

  • Loveland is a significantly dry location, and keeping lush vegetation at its best can push your water bills way up. Instead of struggling to keep your lawn green, do away with it completely and install xeriscaping instead! Colorado has many beautiful, native plants that will happily thrive without regular watering. Yarrow, Mojave sage, coral bells, and prairie winecups will add stunning color and texture without demanding a bunch of water and care. We are here to

Install a water feature.

  • The sound of trickling water not only creates a relaxing atmosphere, it also adds intrigue. By concealing a water feature around a corner, you can draw people into your yard and provide a sweet discovery. Even if you don't want to put in a major water feature, you can install a self-contained fountain that plugs into the wall amongst some plants for all the benefits without the work. If you're worried about making an area too busy, remember the three element rule. You generally don't want more than three elements in one space; otherwise, it will start to look cluttered. By limiting yourself, you allow your chosen elements to shine instead of fighting for attention.

Invest in lighting design.

  • Do you know it is possible to have two different landscapes in one yard? Every yard features a daytime landscape and a nighttime landscape, but a majority of people fail to capitalize on the latter. After all, why pay to light your yard at night, when almost nobody will see it? There's plenty of reasons to do so. For instance, a well-lit landscape is a safe one. It not only prevents you from tripping and falling on the way to your door; it also discourages burglars or others who need shadows. A well-lit landscape is a beautiful one, and it doesn't mean you'll have high energy bills. LED lights and timers can make all the difference. You can light your landscape in stages, gradually reducing the amount of light as it gets later.

Turn to Showcase Landscape & Irrigation

When it comes to revolutionizing landscapes, we are proud to be a leader in Northern Colorado. Our team is passionate about taking your commercial or residential property to the next level. Our expert ability to assess your property, your budget, and your vision makes it possible for us to provide world-class landscape design you can depend on. No matter what we're doing for you, you can rest assured that it will look beautiful for years to come. Contact us in Loveland today!

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