Winter and Your Lawn

Winter continues in Colorado, and though spring is on its way, it is going to be a while until it shows up. At Showcase Landscape and Irrigation, we know that this season is your grass's resting time. It needs the winter to rest up for the spring and summer, which can be very tiring for it. However, even while dormant, it isn't dead. It can still be affected by the weather, and winter can be pretty brutal. The winter will affect your grass's summer, and in today's blog, we want to discuss some of the effects cold weather may be having on your lawn right now.

Winter and Your Lawn

The following are what the winter weather can do to the expanse of grass in your yard.


When things get extremely cold as they can during Colorado winters, moisture can be lost very quickly. The ice and snow prevent moisture from reaching the roots of the grass, which means it can't replace the moisture it loses. Desiccation won't necessarily take out whole sections of your lawn, but it can thin things out.

Snow Mold

We may not get heavy, wet lake-effect snow like they do in Chicago, but we can get significant volumes of snow that sticks around thanks to the cold temperatures that are so common this time of year. When piles of snow hang around for a long time, the grass underneath is affected. It gets squashed down, but even more than that, it becomes vulnerable to snow mold. This is a type of fungus. The constant moisture and lack of light give snow mold the perfect growing conditions, and it can actually kill your grass. If you're shoveling, try to distribute the piles evenly instead of gathering all the snow in one place.

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Some Growth

Yes, parts of your grass may grow during the winter. By this time (February), it should have all gone dormant, but keep an eye on your lawn. You shouldn't have to mow in February, but you never know!


If you love your lush, green lawn, winter can be a bit depressing. Your lawn goes brown and crunchy. However, the grass isn't dead. It has simply gone dormant, and if you had us care for it in the fall, chances are good it will come back more beautiful than ever in the spring. In Colorado, we sometimes go into major drought during the winter, so if we haven't gotten snow in a long while, you may need to water your lawn in order to keep those dormant blades of grass ready to come back.

Permanent Damage

The grass is particularly vulnerable during the winter. Though dormant, it can be killed. We recommend that you don't walk on your lawn when there is snow or frost. The pressure can permanently damage the grass, and you'll have yellow footprints in your lawn come spring.

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